About Loading Zone Cargo Gates

Truck Bed Without Our Cargo Gate Truck Bed Organized With Our Cargo Gate

The Loading Zone Cargo Gate will work on almost all top mounted tonneau systems. As long as the Original Cargo Gate has the ability to make contact with the side rails, without interference with the cover.

Pickups are great for hauling large loads. When your load of cargo takes up most of your truck bed, you know it stays in one place and won’t be banging around. But what if you need to haul a smaller load? You certainly don’t want your items shifting and banging around in the truck bed. This can possibly damage your items, or even damage the truck bed itself.

This is where Loading Zone cargo gates come in. Our cargo gates keep smaller loads safe and secure in your truck bed. The gates are easy to install with no special mounting hardware needed and are easily adjustable to accommodate various load sizes.

Get your Loading Zone cargo gate today. Your cargo will thank you, and so will your truck bed!